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Standard Cookies

Our cookies are sold by the pound. Cookies are $8.99 per pound. Depending on the size of cookie, you get approximately 18-20 per pound. Choices include:

WeightDome Lid Wrapped
2 lb.$22.98$25.98
3 lb.$31.97$34.97
4 lb.$41.96$44.96
5 lb. $50.95$53.95
6 lb. $59.94$62.94
7 lb. $69.93$72.93
8 lb. $78.92$81.92

Mini Linzer Cookies: $9.64lb.

Rugelach Cookies $11.00/lb. (Chocolate, Cinnamon Nut, Raspberry)

Anise Biscotti Cookies $11.48/lb.

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At this time, we are not set up to take orders through our website or by email. Please call the bakery directly to place your order. Thank you.